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“WTF?” Re:infer + UiPath Demo – Reveal Group

Date published: December 6, 2022

Watch this demo to see how Re:infer can understand and extract unstructured text for UiPath automations in a customer service department.

Today, up to 80% of the data flowing through enterprises is unstructured. By unstructured, we mean free-form texts that can come from emails, notes, and even messages. This form of data has been an obstacle to automation, making it hard for machines to extract the correct information. And that’s where Re:infer + UiPath comes in.

Re:infer is a communications intelligence platform acquired by UiPath. It uses Natural Language Processing to understand the intent of unstructured texts and extract key data points. Re:infer provides this information to your UiPath robots to automate business processes downstream.

Watch this video, as Reveal Group’s Brian Chow demonstrates Re:infer’s ability to read unstructured emails for UiPath robots to automate business processes in a customer service department. Unlock next level automation by pairing these two platforms to enhance your intelligent automation program.

Interested in more use cases for your organization? Contact our team for live demos.