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Customer Spotlight: Banner Health – Renaming Patient Faxes

Date published: March 22, 2023

Congratulations to our client, Banner Health, for becoming a finalist at the SSON Impact Awards for Process Improvement & Value Creation.

The Intelligent Automation (IA) team at Banner Health faced a seemingly straightforward challenge of managing hundreds of faxes received daily across their 400+ locations. Banner Health had to integrate new tools to cater to the needs of many ambulatory locations that operated independently. This process was deployed to 169 sites in 2022, organizing more than 650k faxes through ABBY Flexicapture allowing caregivers to spend more time with their patients.

To achieve this, Reveal Group introduced their automation accelerator tool, Reveal RoboManager, which facilitated development sprints and stakeholder reporting. ABBYY Flexicapture was integrated with SS&C BluePrism to enable end-to-end tracking, significantly reducing troubleshooting time from 30 minutes to just 30 seconds. Additionally, Banner Health utilized RPA Supervisor for machine-learning-based orchestration and near real-time processing. This comprehensive toolset of smart technologies that work seamlessly together was crucial for achieving process improvement and innovation. Congratulations to Banner Health on this remarkable achievement.

In this video, Kim Anderson, IT Product Owner of Intelligent Automation at Banner Health, and Reveal Group Principal, Nicole Giovanni sit down to discuss Banner Health’s story, from the first RPA process to expanding their IA toolset to tackle new use cases.

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