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Stop Bad Code In Its Tracks

RoboReview provides a proactive self-service check of your code, so you get feedback in line with Intelligent Automation best practices… every time. Created for RPA users.

RoboReview has been built by Reveal Group using the experience, best practices and quality standards developed by delivering thousands of automated solutions to companies worldwide.

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Deliver high quality automations, faster!

Whether you’re a seasoned automation expert, or just getting started, RoboReview unlocks the power and value of intelligent automation.

Automate Code Reviews

Thorough reviews are key to delivering quality automations. Running a self-service check in RoboReview assesses each process and makes identifying errors easier and faster.

Adhere to Best Practices

We know Blue Prism configuration standards and have you covered! RoboReview instantly checks every best practice area so you can be confident your automated solution passes all scrutiny.

Learn Continuously

Our build review checklists reference a variety of training, best practices, and support resources so help is never far away. You can also access our legendary training academy.

Reduce Ongoing Support

Your control room operators have better things to do than fix bugs that should have been caught during development. RoboReview guarantees quality and slashes ongoing support costs.

Improve Quality

RoboReview arms you with insights to measure and improve quality. Get analytics on how you’re trending with performance reports and dashboards.

Drive Scalability

Quality, structured objects are the building blocks for scalability. RoboReview ensures quality, drives performance and minimizes maintenance.


One Bundle. One Price. Two Great Products.

We’ve combined the power of RoboDesigner and RoboReview into a single, unified offering. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and it’s priced for companies of all sizes to benefit.

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Pay per user, with tiered discounts for more than 100 users.

“As a small shop, we couldn’t afford a Design Authority. RoboReview has given us this capability and enabled us to upskill our developers quickly. It has made a massive difference!”

RPA Program Lead, North American Bank

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