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Reveal OpsIQ:

Operational Intelligence for workforce management & process improvement

Obtain the right insights. Simplify your decision-making. Quantify your improvements.

Reveal OpsIQ:

Timely, insightful operational data is critical for making the right decisions.

Compare the work your business undertakes to your defined standards – in real-time.
Use detailed reporting insights to identify opportunities for streamlining or automating processes.
Utilize the employee skills functionality to improve the capabilities of your workforce.
Plan ahead so the right work can be undertaken at the right time using the right mix of resourcing.
See your productivity, timeliness and customer satisfaction grow while average unit cost decreases.

Reveal OpsIQ:

Streamlining your processes has never been more important.

Is your operation completing its processes in the most effective way possible? Knowing how much effort and cost your end-to-end processes and their constituent activities consume is vital. Without this detailed data, you will mis-diagnose the best automation or re-engineering activities.


Reveal OpsIQ:

With Work-from-Home the ‘new normal’ maximizing the effectiveness of your people is vital

Do you measure the right things? Do you have enough of the right data to objectively measure both the performance of your people, and the reason for that performance?

Whether your people work from home, from your local workplace or from a workplace in another country – understanding what they do and engaging with them to develop their skills and performance is vital.

As new ways of working emerge your people must adapt to new roles. Having objective data and metrics to describe the work they ‘should’ do (and what they ‘actually’ do) is more important now than ever

Reveal OpsIQ: Planning is essential so you complete the right work at the right time

Can your operation look ahead to confidently predict future workloads and future resourcing requirements

Being able to deliver what your customers want at the right time requires more than just robust data and metrics. You need a planning interface that allows you to quantify the impact on your resourcing of a myriad of concurrent factors (such as customer demand, workforce productivity, downtime, the impact of improvement initiatives, etc).

Your financial controller will be very interested in your projected resourcing – Reveal OpsIQ provides the visibility stakeholders need to ensure they are ‘on the same page’.

Reveal OpsIQ:

An industrial-strength cloud-hosted solution

Easy to deploy, robust, reliable, secure, flexible, industry-leading. Reveal OpsIQ is used by large and small organizations across a variety of industries. Our development team enjoys nothing more than collaborating with clients to meet new and interesting use-cases.