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Sincro: Investing in the Optimization of your Digital Workforce



Increase in speed and productivity


Error count reduction


Hours saved annually

Sincro sought to invest in a solution that would improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of its automations as well as increase the volume of websites that can be processed each month.

Sincro called upon the services of Reveal Group to identify areas of improvement for the automations. Over a one-month engagement, Reveal Group performed a detailed analysis of the automations configuration standards and logic and supported the implementation of enhancements to improve the speed and efficiency of the automations, reduce the number of failures and limit the unresponsiveness of the automations. Most notably, Reveal Group developed custom utility scripts that allowed most of the activities to be performed in the background rather than having to interact with the user interface of the browser.

Automotive digital marketing leader, Sincro, provides superior service to its clients through a fusion of intelligent technology and strategic insights.

Sincro leverages Blue Prism, a leading software in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to perform quality assurance across its client’s websites to give their business a competitive edge and to ensure optimal function. To remain at the forefront of industry best practices, Sincro sought help from Reveal Group, experts in deploying and scaling intelligent process automation, to optimize existing automations. Sincro’s decision to invest more in the performance of its current digital workforce not only increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction but presented an opportunity to expand on its automation program even further.

Sincro’s Blue Prism automations were built to perform quality assurance and website maintenance on clients’ websites. The primary targets for these automations are to identify broken links, poor quality images, blank pages, missing H1 tags, and spelling errors. Given the highly complex architecture of the automations and the size of clients’ websites, individual site checks required multiple hours to complete, and consequently, quality checks could only be performed on bi-annual cadence.


United States


Advertising Agency




$26M (USD)

“Working with Reveal Group has added significant value to the service we provide our customers. Instead of acting reactively to broken links, dead pages, etc. we are now able to proactively check each site on a regular basis and work to resolve any issues. We are able to automate these processes and save significant time, allowing us to spend more time on optimizing campaigns and meeting our customer’s goals.”

- AVP of Business Operations, Sincro



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