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The organization receives approximately 2,000 invoices per month which must be reviewed, approved, and then processed in an ERP system. The processing of these invoices is very time-consuming and is subject to human error, which could result in incorrect amounts or incorrect vendors being paid.

A holistic end-to-end solution was developed and deployed, which combined ABBYY FlexiCapture, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, and Blue Prism, an RPA platform, to digitize and process the invoices received by Account Payable (AP) staff. The automated process retrieves invoice files from a shared mailbox and loads them into ABBYY to be digitized. A quality assurance step is then performed by AP staff and the invoice is handed back to Blue Prism where the required details are automatically keyed into an ERP system. Reveal Group’s IDP experts worked collaboratively with the client’s team over several weeks to build and train ABBYY’s Machine Learning (ML) model using their most common invoice types.

Reveal Group was able to build an agile and scalable IA program to improve operational efficiency, strengthen internal control practices, and reduce costs. The IA program has had a tremendous impact on staff, allowing them to delegate tasks to digital workers and acquire new skills. Additionally, the automated process has resulted in a reduction of human error related to mis-keying information and has significantly reduced turnaround times.

To date, Reveal Group has built 35 automations for the client, returning 10,000+ hours to the business. The success of the RPA solution over the past two years has opened the doors for more complex automation opportunities across the organization. Internal stakeholders have embraced digital transformation, allowing them to explore innovative solutions that provide benefits above and beyond cost reduction.

Given the onset of the digital revolution across different industries, the client was inspired to introduce new technology and adopt a digital workforce at their organization. To meet its objective to improve job satisfaction and work-life balance, the client, an international organization that employs approximately 3,000 staff, looked to Intelligent Automation (IA) as a solution. 

Reveal Group, having extensive experience implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with cognitive capabilities, helped support the launch of the organization's IA program in 2018. Reveal Group experts began by designing and implementing a proven operating model (our Blueprint for Scale), reviewing and prioritizing automation opportunities, and mentoring staff to deliver automated processes across the client’s shared services functions.


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“Reveal Group gave us the training and mentoring needed to help stand-up our RPA capabilities. We are extremely happy with the mentoring experience”




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