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Better, Faster, Stronger: Automating with Reveal RoboSuite™ + Blue Prism

Date published: 3 July 2020

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Join this webinar recording to see how RoboReview™ empowers automation teams through proactive self-service checks to generate instant feedback in line with Blue Prism best practices, every time.

Instant, intelligent code reviews are essential to ensure your Automation Team is delivering faster, without compromising quality. That’s why Reveal built Reveal RoboReview™. RoboReview stops bad code in its tracks and allows you to pinpoint opportunities to make your developers even stronger.

Created by Blue Prism’s first and only Platinum Capability Partner, Reveal Group, RoboReview embodies the expertise, best practices and quality standards developed while delivering thousands of automated solutions to organizations worldwide. Blue Prism clients are using RoboReview to compare code quality across delivery squads, helping them to deliver better RPA results, faster and more cost-effectively.

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