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UiPath Forward VI Panel Discussion
How to Get the Most Out of Your UiPath Investment: Exploring the top four features that go beyond RPA.
Best practices for moving to Automation Cloud
Watch a replay of UiPath Forward VI's discussion on getting the most out of your UiPath investment, featuring Reveal Group’s Jamie Fisher.
How to Improve Patient and Healthcare Provider Experience
Prescribing Digital Workers Powered by Process Intelligence to Transform the Healthcare Industry
From untouchable data to strategic actions: Leveraging insights to drive business success
Reveal Group experts built a UiPath automated solution for extracting, storing, and presenting customer data.
Customer Spotlight: Banner Health – Renaming Patient Faxes
Banner Health's Kim Anderson and Reveal Group Principal Nicole Giovanni discuss Banner Health
From Business User to CoE: Building Automation Capability with Power Platform
Reveal Group developed a bespoke Microsoft Power Platform curriculum to upskill client creating internal automation capability.
Accerta: Social Enterprise Enabling Healthcare Equality For All
Accerta sought help from Reveal Group to implement an automated solution leveraging Blue Prism
Sincro: Investing in the Optimization of your Digital Workforce
Sincro invested in its digital workforce to promote operational efficiency, increase product
Automation Levers in Retail Bankruptcy: Do More with Less
Facing pressures to continuously do more with less, a US retail outlet identified automatic
IDP to the Rescue: Australian Insurance Firm
Looking to increase the speed of processing the large volume of ‘capacity to work’ forms, the client identified Intelligent Document Processing
Discovering Automation Opportunity: Top 5 National Bank
Reveal Group performed detailed process assessments using Operational Diagnostic to build a robust pipeline automation opportunities.
Aimco: Real Estate Investment & Management Company
Looking to embrace a digital workforce to promote operational efficiency, the client identified RPA to help increase productivity, eliminate errors, and build a scalable platform for growth. Automations are now operational from multiple teams across the organization and the Intelligent Automation toolkit is expanding to increase the benefits realized from the digital workforce.